Our Gallery

Forest School, by Miss Brown

Sun dials , by Miss Smith

Festive Forest School, by Miss Smith

River Nile Boats , by Miss Smith

Making a shaduf, by Miss Smith

Forest School Fun , by Miss Smith

Retelling Supertato, by Mrs Callender

Y1 Mocktails for Summer Fair, by Mrs Callender

Reception & Infant Sports day, by Mrs Callender

Year 4 CHET , by Miss Smith

Thinking of others , by Miss Smith

Year 4 Risen Lord , by Miss Smith

Rejoice for Lent, by Mrs Callender

Palm Sunday, by Mrs Tollitt

Explore Energy, by Mrs Tollitt

Catholic Life, by Mrs Hodgkins

Respond - Journeys, by Mrs Tollitt

The Garden of Gethsemane, by Mrs Tollitt

Mass, by Mrs Tollitt

Stone Soup, by Mrs Tollitt

Volume and Capacity, by Mrs Tollitt

Zoo Lab Visit, by Mrs Tollitt

mini-gym, by Mrs Callender

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