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Enjoying School at Home Summer Term 2020 

We have put together a timetable for you to try to stick to whilst your are studying at home instead of in school.  This timetable can be found in the workbook that we provided for you to work in whilst you are at home.  It can also be found below in FILES TO DOWNLOAD. ( Scroll to the bottom of the page.) We are well aware that this may be a tricky time and thought that the timetable may help to keep you focussed whilst you are having to spend lots of time away from school.

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Hello Year Five ! I hope that you are well. Although it seems like we have not seen each other for a while, I want you all to know that we miss you all very much. We are so proud of you working at home. This week I want you all to think about getting ready to move into

👉 Welcome to Year Six Multi-coloured Bunting

You are all grown up ! I want you to complete each activity for your new Teacher. Each day there will be  a different one. This week practice on TT Rockstars and use BBC Bitesize live lessons. Keep on with daily exercise; maybe go on a walk, or in the garden. keep in touch and share what you have done on our Class Twitter page. Thinking of you all ! Have a wonderful week. Miss Hitchen and Mrs Heywood.  


Monday 6th July 2020

Getting to know you activity. See downloads. 


Tuesday 7th July 2020. 

Questions about my new class and memories of Year Five . See downloads. 


Wednesday 8th July 2020

My personal Shield activity for Year Six. See downloads.


Thursday 9th July 2020

Write a letter to your New Teacher telling them who you are ... what you like to do ... and what you enjoy.  Dear Year Six Teacher ...


Friday 10th July 2020

Think about what you want to focus on in Year Six. Write three Targets for next year. Example what you want to improve on ... an activity you have never done before.  


I hope that you have enjoyed this week. Have a lovely weekend. 

















Week Monday 29th June - Friday 3rd July 2020 

Hello Year Five. Hope you are all safe and well. This week I want you to focus on  your Wellbeing. I know that we all will be missing our friends. It is important to know that this very normal. It is very normal to feel happy, excited, sad, anxious and many more ... 

This week there will be range of activities for you to focus on YOU! We care about you very much,and look foward to when we can see all of your smiles again. Have a really good week! Keep in touch.Thinking of you all.  Miss Hitchen and Mrs Heywood.

School Wellbeing | Debbie Stevens Wellbeing Events

Monday 29th June 2020

Maths - Times Table Relaxtion. 

English - See booklet this week. 

PHSE : Positive Thinking Cap activity. See downloads. 


Tuesday 30th June 2020 

English - Continue booklet.

PHSE - Relaxation activity - See in downloads. 

Maths - See activity Games- List of websites on our class page. TT Rockstars - New challenge - Maths Zone - Hit the button.


Wednesday 1st July 2020

PHSE - Feelings Chart and Dealing with change activity. 

English - Continue the booklet. 

Maths - Times Table Game - Have fun and take some time to play the game and relax this afternoon.


Thursday 2nd july 2020.

PHSE - Our feelings Diary activity. 

English - Finish the booklet today. Well done. 

Art :Take some time to relax- Art is the perfect way to relax your mind and build self confidence.  Draw your emotions and feelings. 


Friday 4th July

PHSE : Distraction Activity - See downloads. 

Topic - 4th of July - See activity in downloads. 

PHSE - Take time to exercise go for a walk, bike ride, play games in the garden .Stay active and healthy.  Stay safe, well and happy. 

Have a lovely weekend. 


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