Year 5 2017 - 2018

Mrs Hodgkins

Mrs King

Welcome to Year 5

Spring Term 1

We would like to wish you a Happy New Year; the children seem to have had a fun-filled Christmas! During this term we will, as always, endeavour to help your child to reach their full potential in every way and look forward to seeing you at the up and coming Parents' Evening in February.  More information can be found in our Spring Booklet in 'Files to Download' below.

Remember, please do pop in and see us if you have any queries or questions about anything, or use the reading diary to write notes to us if you can’t make it in. 


We will begin the year with two special focus weeks.  During the first of these, we will look at Judaism as another religion and learn about how our Jewish bothers and sisters live and what they believe.  We will look closely at the Jewsih festival called 'Pesach' or 'Passover' which includes the stories of Exodus and the Ten Commandments.

The second of these special focus weeks is 'Science Week' when we will be looking at forces, beginning with the discovery of gravity.  During this week the children will be designing their own experiments to explore and test gravity and looking at the discoveries of famous Scientists Isaac Newton and Galileo Galilei.


We will be looking at one of the most fascinating civilisations in history as we discover who the ancient Greeks were.  We will learn about when the ancient Greeks lived, how they lived in their seperate city states, how their armies lived and fought, the gods they worshipped on Mount Olympia and much, much more!  For more information download the topic web saved in 'Files to Download'.


Check out the YEAR 5 WEEKLY BLOG to keep

up-to-date with all the in class goings-on!


The children have been given a home/school reading diary that must be brought into school every day.  It has space to record reading times whether that is in school or at home.  We ask that you encourage your child to read at least 10 minutes every day and record this in the diary.  We ask that you as a parent sign this book at least three times every week.  We will sign it every time your child reads with an adult.

The children will be given a book to read at home and in school.  Some children may have books at home that enjoy reading - this is absolutely fine and should be encouraged.  

The children will be working on different types of reading activitives, in small groups, every day, this will improve all aspects of their reading including word reading, comprehension, inference and more.

As a class we will be reading lots of Myths and Legends.



Homework will be sent out via the School Spider (School Website) this year - homework will be posted Thursdays and checked/marked the following Tuesday. If you have problems accessing it,  paper copies can be provided.

HOMEWORK CLUB is every Friday after school until 3.45pm 



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