Year 1 2019 - 2020

Mrs Davies

Mrs Davies

Mrs McHale

Hello Gorgeous Year 1s

This week we are using the lovely ideas and resources for Home Learning that you will find on Cafod

We are also loving following the Art for Kids Hub

We are reading Mr Stink in class so maybe you would like to read it too.

We love you all and miss you lots.

Mr Stink



Week 2

29th June

Are Pirates Polite?










The Night Pirates

Write a list of rules for a good mannered pirate.







Make a collection of –ed ending adventure verbs.- give them out on post-its. Eg scampered, yelled,

Make an adventure sentence using the –ed ending verb.

Continue counting in 10s

Finding tens and ones numbers on a 100 square

Counting money in 10s and 1s.

Add and subtract to cross a 10 using 100 square. (Topmarks learning games)



Make maps on a grid and use locational language – eg 2 squares left


Are Pirates Polite? – what are our rules for manners. Class rules for Covid.






Discuss – should we have different rules for girls and boys?





Make a treasure map on squared paper.

Use simple directions to tell how to find the treasure.


Being sorry.


LF3 – Isaiah 58:9-11

Chn draw a candle with words around to show how they will be a light. Make a candle for their desk.

LF4/5 make a thankyou/sorry card to put under their pillow. Say the sorry prayer as part of a collective worship.

LF6 make a paper doll chain to show Jesus new rule – ‘Love one another’









Come and See



Ten Little Pirates

Penguins make bad Pirates

The Smelly Pirate

Are Pirates Polite?


Making a glossary of unfamiliar things – Man’O’War, albatross, etc.

Write a description of a danger that attacks the pirate.

Write a job description that includes girls and boys as pirates.

Write a list of rules for a good mannered pirate.

Make a recipe for a snow cone

Counting in 10s

Finding tens and ones numbers on a 100 square

Counting money in 10s and 1s

Measuring using a dienes 10 rod (10cm)and ones 1cm.



Ten Little Pirates (No Outsiders – explore gender prejudices – can girls make good pirates?)

The Smelly Pirate – washing hands.

Penguin Pirates – morals  good/bad ways to make money.

Are Pirates Polite? – what are our rules for manners. Class rules for Covid.

Create a pirate character

Make A3 scene setting with a danger pop-up.

Make their upside-down table into a boat.

Make a treasure map.

Make a slush recipe.


Being sorry.


Discuss Good choices and Bad choices.


Link to Penguin pirate story.

What were Captain Crablegs bad choices/good choices? The penguins – bad choices/good choices.

How do good choices turn out well?



Look at story of Levi LF1 – write a sorry prayer or thank you card to Jesus from Levi.

Hello Year 1 Families

We are so excited about welcoming most of you back next week!

As you can see from the outline plan above, we are carrying on with our Pirate theme and will be having lots of fun laughter and creativity with the activities. Join in at home.

Lots of love to everyone.

Mrs Davies and all the Year 1 team.





Hello again Gorgeous Year 1

Did you have a lovely time in half-term?

What did you do?

Our learning for the next couple of weeks is all about.......


Be a pirate!

Make up a pirate name and character for yourself and draw a picture in your book.

Write a description of your pirate person.

Maybe you could even use some old clothes to make a real costume for yourself.

Write an adventure for your pirate - what dangerous things happen to you?

There are lots of pirate stories to enjoy too - which one is your favourite?


Pirates always know how much money they have in their treasure chest. Practise counting money so you can keep an eye on your treasure!

This is a great game on Topmarks

Come and See

We are celebrating Pentecost when Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to help His friends.

I love this way of telling the story

Earth, Wind and Fire (With images) | Pentecost craft, Pentecost ...


How would you like to tell this story? Maybe use your Lego or toys?

Draw a picture or make a windmill or flame mobile to remember the signs of the Holy Spirit coming.

Learn to say 'Hello' in different languages.

Ask the Holy Spirit to inspire your creativity in the way that you enjoy using it most.

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