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Mrs Davies

Mrs Davies

Mrs McHale

Hello Gorgeous Year 1

This week our exploring in the garden is all about weeds.

Which ones can you recognise and name?

Can you dig up a weed - they are everywhere- and draw and label it in your book?

Have a look at the leaves, stem, roots, flowers and seeds.

See if you can match the right name to these 4 weeds and find out something interesting about them.

dandelion   cleavers (stickybob)  stinging nettles  horsetails


For Maths keep those measuring skills sharp and adding numbers to 100.

Make sure you can count in 10s and 5s to 100.

Maple Class in Abu Dhabi are all Home Schooling too and they have been really enjoying their Phonics using the RWI YouTube Channel! 

Grab a pencil and a piece of paper and have a go at Set 2 and 3 sounds and speliing!

Are you ready Year 1 for our new topic?

How Does your Garden Grow?

For the next few weeks we will be exploring the amazing world outside in a garden.

We are beginning with something that every gardener needs lots of ......good soil and.....earthworms!

Here's a film to get you fascinated.

In your book you could write down all the facts you learn about worms this week - if you've got a garden or a field then you could go on a hunt for them but make sure you don't harm them or keep them- they are VERY special and important.

It is great to make a wormery but be very gentle with your special new friends.


And of course this is one of our favourite worm stories smiley


Keep working on those numbers to 100 try adding some ones onto a number using a 100 square to help.


You could also make some worms out of playdough or recycled materials and measure them in cm. Who can make the longest worm?





Our Journey's End!

We are finishing our tour of the continents in South America. But there are two last people to meet.

First of all meet Ruben who lives in Bolivia and he will give you a little clue about our next topic.

Watch how CAFOD is helping children all over the World.


And we finish in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and see this amazing statue of Jesus. 

Maybe you could draw some pictures of Ruben's greenhouse and the Christ the Redeemer statue in your book.


Enjoy your special VE Day weekend!





Good Morning Year 1 

This week we are on our final continent on our World Tour 

We are travelling to South America.

Here we are going to meet some amazing people who come from or live in

South American countries.

The first person we are going to meet is our Holy Father Pope Francis.

He comes from Argentina and LOVES football.

Pope Francis has writen a beautiful prayer for children asking us to look after our world.

Watch it here


Activities to try:-

  • Write a prayer or a song for our earth in your book.
  • Have a go at caring for something - feed the birds or
  • Make something beautiful out of recycled packets.
  • Take a family picture to treasure each other - hands together 
  • Make a little worship place outside


This week we are learning our numbers to 100 - a great chance to play Snakes and Ladders!

Chopper Squad will help you practise ordering numbers and working out 10 more/less and 1 more/less. (if 100 is too much then start lower)





For our science lessons we use Tig Tag to watch videos and do practical activities. We now have free access for parents while schools are closed!

Username: Tigtagstudent

Password: schoolsout



Have you enjoyed playing with the penguins on Boulder's Beach?

Let's go even further south and join Amy and Daisy as they travel to a very unusual Post Office and find even more penguins.


How would you feel if you were Amy and Daisy on that journey? Can you write me another postcard in your book telling me about the journey to Antarctica.

You could even write a letter to the Penguin Post Office.





Some links to learning you might find helpful.





Heading South

Good Morning, Year 1

I hope you had a lovely weekend in the sunshine.

Today we are heading south to the very tip of Africa to a very special place called Boulders Beach.


Here's a picture and in it there's a little feathery friend who will give you a clue where we are going next.

Have you guessed?

Watch this lovely film to find out more about these fabulous little birds.

Write me a postcard from Boulder's Beach to tell me what you have seen and done.

Be careful though, the sea is VERY cold.

For Maths this week we are going to be doubling up like the penguins.

Learn the doubles of all the numbers to 10.

There are lots of fun activities on Twinkl- try the Ladybird Doubles.

Have fun and send me a message on Twitter!







On Safari!

Hello Year 1! 

How many Easter Eggs have you eaten?

For our learning this week, we are going to go on safari in Africa.

We are going to the Serengeti!

Here it is. Can you find out about the mountain you can see in the picture?

Did you find out what the Big Five were last week?

This week we are going to learn about grouping animals by what they eat.

Carnivores eat..........?

Herbivores eat...........?

Omnivores eat............?

Find out what the African animals eat. Can you find some animals for each group?

Write about 5 different animals in your book - 1 each day.

Learn the names of 5 different African countries and find them on a map.



As we are thinking about the Big 5 this week then we are going to practise counting in 5s - learning our 5 x tables and making groups of 5.

Collect together 5 pence pieces and see how much you get.

When you get good at that then mix in some 10s too. 

Count in 10s first then add on the 5s.

Get 3 10p coins and 3 5p coins 

Count like this :- 10, 20, 30, 35, 40, 45 =45p

Try it with different numbers of coins. 

How many different ways can you make 25p?

Send me your messages on Twitter- I LOVE getting them! 

Missing you all

Mrs D heartsmiley



World Tour Easter Holiday 

Well Year 1 did you enjoy learning about Japan?

Did you find out about any other countries you would like to visit in Asia?

For the next few days I invite you to travel around the countries of Europe.

So much to see and do!

Where would you go to :-

Ski down a mountain?

Swim in a warm sea?

Eat proper pizza and pasta and lots more .........Gelatti!

(yum - my favourite- send me a picture on Twitter of some!)

Enjoy another Disney funpark?

Maybe even learn a few words in a new language!

Write a diary of your  travels and send me a 'postcard' on Twitter.

Have fun- I'll take you somewhere new next week.

Lots of love and have a very blessed and healthy Easter.

Mrs D heart



Have look at these Go-Jetters videos to take you on a tour.

Tuesday 7th April

Good Morning Gorgeous Year 1! What a lovely sunny day cool

Did you go on your travels to North America yesterday and write about your favourite Disney Character? Show me some of your ideas on Twitter.

Today we are crossing the mighty Pacific Ocean

We are travelling 12,000 km from Florida in USA to the continent of Asia.

I am not telling you which country we are in- but here are some wonderful things you might see and do and eat there.

Have you guessed?

What would you enjoy doing best?

What other countries would you like to visit in Asia?

Visit a shrine or temple

These Kendo warriors look like Jedi knights don't they?

Enjoy the beauty of the volcano and cherry blossom.

The Hello Kitty Cafe treats look delicious!


Week beginning 6th April

Hello Everyone!!


This week we are learning about the 7 continents and 5 Oceans. 

Sooooo we are going on a great big 'holiday' all around the World!!


We will be visiting a different continent each day.

Today, we are going to start off in North America.

I imagine you would not be very happy if we went to North America and I didn't take you to Walt Disney World!!

Find out where Walt Disney World is and how we would have to get there. Which ocean do we have to cross?

What would you want to do while you were there and which is your favourite Disney character?

Is there anywhere else in North America that you would like to see? 

Tell me all about it in your notebook and send me a picture on Twitter. I LOVE seeing them.

Tomorrow we will be crossing the Pacific Ocean - can you guess where to?


 This week we are counting in 10s and 1s up to 50. Collect some 10p and 1p coins and practise counting different amounts - count the 10s first then add on the ones. Write the numbers down.

This website has great games for counting to 50

Week beginning 30th March


Good morning Gorgeous Year 1 - how is everyone? I have LOVED your messages and picture on Twitter!

This week we have some fun learning to finish off our Senses topic and a few activities for Holy Week before Easter.


This week we are meeting up with a beautiful little girl called Alma. She is blind and needs someone to help her learn what a rainbow is.

Watch her on this inspirational video

Can you help Alma learn the colours of the rainbow by thinking of the colour and thinking what it feels like and tastes like and smells like? Write and draw your ideas in your book.

This page from a lovely book called the 'Black Book of Colours' will help you.

Brown feels like crunchy leaves under your feet. It tastes like chocolate but sometimes it stinks!

You can also enjoy your own senses by listening to the birdsongs and learning to identify them - which one sounds like a 'squeaky toy'?


This week we are comparing how long, tall and heavy things are.

We need to use these words - shorter, longer,longest, taller, tallest, heavier, heaviest. Try putting a few objects in size order and using the words to write about them.

A fun thing to make is your own scales using a hanger. Use objects to find out how tall you are  ..... maybe your teddy? How many teddies are taller than you? (use the same teddy each time though)

Come and See

Learn the story of Palm Sunday -how Jesus came into Jerusalem riding on a donkey. Make a praise picture or banner and learn this song

Have a very blessed healthy and safe week.

Love to everyone

Mrs D heart





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