A Journey in Love

At St. John Fisher Catholic Primary School, we believe that our approach to teaching and learning R.S.E. must firstly be rooted in Scripture, Gospel values and the Catholic Church’s teachings; thus our aim is to educate the whole child spiritually, intellectually, morally, emotionally and physically towards maturity and adulthood.

We are increasingly aware that our children are exposed to many negative sexual influences in the media. These have a profound effect on loss of innocence from a very early age and undermine the moral teachings of Christ and His Church.

We are also mindful that young people are bombarded with false body images and stereotypes that would leave them vulnerable to accepting an image of themselves and others that is far less than God’s desire for them.

It is essential, therefore that our children are given every opportunity to discover the full miracle of God’s creation that is unique to them. That they know that they, and the people around them, are created out of unconditional love and that when we live out the Gospel message of Christ, we can together become all that God created us to be.

We work on the Archdiocese approved 'Journey of Love' in school which is a developmental programme for children in the primary years.

From Foundation Stage the children begin to know and understand that they are part of the wonder of God's love and creation and work through to Year 6  where they develop an age appropriate understanding of their sexuality and their appreciation of their dignity and worth as children of God.

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