Learning Outside the Classroom

As a school we are committed to learning outside the classroom and encouraging the pupils to explore their world as much as possible.

Real-world learning brings the benefits of formal and informal education together and reinforces what good educationalists have always known -that the most meaningful learning occurs through acquiring knowledge and skills through real-life, practical or hands-on activities.

Learning outside the classroom is really just that – any learning that happens outside of the 4 walls of the classroom. That includes trips into the local community and further afield but also making use of the grounds and resources we have at the school.

We have staff at the school that are Forest School trained and a teacher whose area of curriculum responsibility is developing the learning outside the classroom provision. All the teaching staff have had meetings and in-house training around developing opportunities outside the classroom for their students.

St.John Fisher students benefit greatly from the grounds and facilities at the school. We have 2 large playgrounds, each Key Stage 1 class have their own outside areas, there is a vast school field, there is a school fenced-off forest area and an outdoor prayer garden.

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