Year 4 2017 - 2018

Mrs Callender

Mrs Yearsley

Spring 1


Welcome back and Happy New Year!

We hope you had a wonderful break and are ready to start a brand new term.


We have started this year with a couple of special focus weeks. The first, was other religions. In Year 4, we looked at Judaism and its Holy Books. Children learnt about and listened to stories from the Torah. We produced some fabulous art (pictures to follow) based on the Moses and the Burning Bush story and practised writing in hebrew before learning all about Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

This week is Science week and we have been learning all about sound and the famous scientist, Alexander Graham Bell, who invented the telephone. Throughout the week, we have taken part in lots of practical activities to help learn how sound is made, how it can be altered, how it travels, and how it is recieved.

Please join in the fun by making your own musical instruments at home and investigating how they produce sound.

After this, our main topic begins - Naughty Nature.

In this topic we will learn all about volcanoes; what they are, how they're made, the different types, where they are and, of course, what happens when they blow! We will look at the human affects of this as well as the physical. To help us with this, in our English lessons we will be using the text, The Firework Maker's Daughter by Phillip Pullman. Hopefully, this will provide inspiration to write our own short adventure stories. If you would like to get involved at home, Escape from Pompei & A Pebble in My Pocket - A History of Earth are both great fun and informative books to read.


Homework and Reading

Homework will continue to be set on Thursdays and due in the following Tuesday. It will continue to be uploaded to the school website. If your child has issues accessing or completing the homework they are welcome to get a paper copy from class.

We will continue to read with your child weekly, please ensure your child brings their reading book and record in every day so we can record when we read with them and let you know what our focus has been.

We are very proud of how much our class read at home and are looking forward to this continuing; a minimum of ten minutes a day is enough to promote good literacy and hopefully a love of reading that will stay with them. For our part, we will continue to try and change all home reading books as soon as they have been completed and handed in to us. We ask that you do continue to read the books sent home from school, alongside your books at home, as they ensure children are experiencing a wide range of authors and writing styles.

PE will continue to be on a Tuesday so children will need their full PE kit, including pumps, not footbal boots. 

This term children will continue with guitar lessons on a Thursday. This term, we are able to send a guitar home with your child on a Thursday for them to spend the time over the weekend practising and showing you what they have learnt - which is a lot! Please ensure your child looks after the guitar and returns it to school the following Monday.


As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to speak to me at the end of the day or schedule a longer appointment. Thank you for your continue support.


Mrs Callender


Mrs Yearsley

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