Year 3 2018 - 2019

Mr Redmond

Mr Redmond

Mrs Sorvel

Welcome back to Summer term !

Hello everyone! 

Welcome to the final full term of the year!

Welcome to Year 3 Summer Term. Feel free to browse our class page to see what we have been learning in our classroom.

Enjoy our new website!

Mr Redmond and Mrs Sorvel 


The rainforest!

We will begin this term by researching rainforests; What is a rainforest? Where can we find a rainforest? What is the largest rainforest? 

We will research the different kinds of animals and plants that live in the rainforest and identify ways in which they have adapted to their surroundings to survive. Did you know there are over 1,200 different species of bird that live in the rainforest, and they all have different beak shapes, talons and calls to ensure they have the best chance of survival!

We will be looking into the people of the rainforest, comparing their lifestyle and culture to our own. We will learn about the different medicines that can be found in the rainforest and how the people have learnt to harness this for themselves. We will also learn about the advantages the rainforest gives to people around the world. Did you know most of the oxygen we breath in comes from the Amazon rainforest! 

The pupils will also research the different dangers that the rainforest faces such as desforestation, and the effects this has on the ecosystem and 1000's of species of animals found in the rainforests of the world. Did you know rainforests provide us with a fifth of our fresh water and drinking water, which makes them critical to the sustainability to the Earth! 

We will also be reading some exciting stories based on the rainforest such as 'The Great Kapok Tree,' 'The Shaman's Apprentice,' and 'The vanishing Rainforest.' 

Once Pupils are familiar with the rainforest and have an arsenal of facts and information they will then be able to write their own sensory poems based on the rainforest, which will link in to their literacy work.


We hope you are excited about this topic as we are!


School Day

The juniors’ school day starts at 8.50am and ends at 3.10pm.

Snack Time

The junior children can continue to buy their snack each day at break with a choice of toast – 20p per slice, Milkshake – 40p, Aqua Juice – 30p, Fruit Juice – 25p and Fruit 30p. If they wish to do so, children can bring their own healthy snack instead.


Children will be doing 2 hours of P.E a week on a Monday morning and a Thursday afternoon. Please ensure the children have a full school P.E kit, including red shorts, white top and pumps.


Over the course of this term, we will set weekly homework. The homework will be linked to a skill the children have learnt that week.

The homework provides children with the opportunity to practice skills and keep parents/carers informed on what it is we're doing throughout the week. Children will receive their homework every Thursday and must return it back to school - completed, on the following Tuesday. 

Homework will be set on the school spider app, which can easily be accessed via the children's individual usernames and passwords. 


Educational Links:

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  • NRICH Patterns and Sequences KS2


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