Year 2 Homework 11th January


This week has been science week. We have been looking at living things and their habitats and focussed on a woodland habitat. We have been in the forest area and searched for different types of creatures and plants living there. Below is a list of some types of habitats. Can you pick one or one of your own and draw and label 5 animals and 2 plants that you might find in that habitat. Pick one animal and write some sentences about why it is suited to that habitat. 

  • seaside
  • forest
  • mountain
  • ocean
  • pond

e.g. A polar bear is suited to an artic habitat because it has a thick, wooly fur to keep it warm. 


This week, we have introduced fractions to the children. We have looked at half, quarters and thirds. Draw some shapes in your purple book (square, rectangle and circle). Ask an adult to pick a fraction to split the shape into, then another fraction to shade in. Label each fraction that has been shaded. 

e.g. draw a circle, split it into quarters, colour in three quarters. 

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