Year 5 Weekly (6)

Date: 13th Oct 2017 @ 2:02pm

This week we have done swimming it was lots of fun. We learnt some new types of swimming stroke. On Wednesday we had a sience lesson and we learnt about lots of elements.  I had sodium which gives street lights the orange glow! We also learnt that we breathe in only 20% oxygen!  And that air is almost 80% Nitrogen! We also had a guitar lesson and played a new tune. The video we watched was a monkey playing the guitar! It was so funny. In maths we have done subtraction and addition it was really hard but we all got threw it and now we're doing division and multiplacation but it's with really nice numbers . In assembly Molly and Lilly got the Achievement Awards, Tilly got the British Value Award and Adam got the Dojo Award as well! So its been a great week in school!  

By Tianna Lane

Anna D wrote:

I really loved this week aswell

Molly B wrote:

So did I anna

Molly B wrote:

So did I anna

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