Year 5 Weekly (2)

Date: 15th Sep 2017 @ 3:28pm

This week we had our first swimming lesson . Every one put in a lot of efort especially Dylan.  We also started our new topic World War 2. The thing I liked doing the most was finding questions related to the facts. It was very fun. On Thursday we did a diary entry pretending to be a child whose dad was going to war. Daniel's was the best in my opinion because his was the example and he read it out infront of the whole class. This has been a very enjoyable week oh and I nearly forgot Daniel and Dylan got the certificate.smiley

By Adam Knowles

Sophie A wrote:

I liked WW2 topic !

Jessica M wrote:

i agree adam!!!! and that is lovely what you said about danile an ddylan trying hard

Tilly H wrote:

That is very nice Adam, I enjoyed swimming, diary entries and guitar yay ! I agree with you Adam, Daniel and Dylan have worked really hard they deserved the certificates.

Anna D wrote:

Sophie I agree with you

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