Year 6H 2016 - 2017

Mrs Hodgkins


Mrs Hodgkins works with class 6H - any problems please feel free to pop in and speak to me.


Summer Term 

Another new term begins! We hope that you all had a great Easter break and that lots of fun times were enjoyed.  We have a busy term ahead, one that will be both interesting and transitional, as preparations for high school will begin. 



For the first half term we will be preparing for the National Curriculum Tests through revision sessions, revision games and extra help where needed.  The children should be working through their revision guides in school and at home so that they can highlight the areas that they need extra work on.  The children are being encouraged to let their teachers know if there is anything that they are worried about.  We will continue with revision in ‘focus groups’ after school and practise tests throughout the day for the next two weeks.



After SATs week, the children will be concentrating on their writing by furthering their study of the works of William Shakespeare, looking at the plays, Romeo and Juliet and A Midsummer Nights Dream.



In the second half term, our focus will change to science and geography, looking at extreme weather conditions around the world.  They will find out all about the Earth's extremes, from raging tropical storms to violent erupting volcanoes to terrifying towering tsunamis. They will also explore how these extremes affect people, communities and landscapes through a series of informative and thought-provoking activities. The children will also take part in Halton’s Healthitude Programme during which they will look at: Cyberbullying, Alcohol Awareness, Healthy Eating and Energy Drinks, Tobacco Education and Mental Health - each session is provided by a health professional employed by Halton Borough Council.



Transition to Secondary School

During the second summer term your child will be invited to spend two days at their secondary school of choice.  In addition to this, staff from the secondary schools will come to St. John Fisher to speak to the children as a group and their teachers.  More details of this will follow as soon as we hear from the secondary schools.



Remember, please do pop in and see us if you have any queries or questions about anything upcoming. As always, thank you for all of your fantastic support!


Reading remains a main focus for children in year 6 and will be studied in small groups or as a whole class.  Some children will be given a banded book to read at home as chosen by the class teacher, whereas others will bring home a free choice Library Book.  Children may wish to read a book of their own choice from home – which is fine.  

6H is a class full of avid readers who have recently read, and thoroughly enjoyed, the following books:

Goognight Mister Tom, Tom's Midnight Garden, Homecoming, The Penderwicks, Her Benny and The Life Story of Vincent Van Gogh...all highly reccomended for children of this age.  We are now getting our teeth stuck into some of the wonderful works of William Shakespeare.  It is a joy to see so many children enjoying their reading.

As with every year group in St. John Fisher, home reading is of high priority and of huge importance.  Our expectation is that every child in class will read with an adult at home at least three times per week.  We will continue to check your child’s home/school reading diary each week, to see your comments and to gain an insight into the great discussion that you are having at home about the texts being read.  A ‘home’ read, in our opinion, should be approximately 10 minutes, of which half of the time should be your child reading (aloud or in their head), and then the remaining time should be spent discussing, questioning and evaluating what has been read.  This aspect of your child’s home learning is incredibly important, and your support is greatly appreciate.

Topic - English/Drama 

A Taste of Shakespeare

We will be studying three of Shakespeare's classic plays; Romeo and Juliet and Midsummer Night's Dream.  Our work will include dramatising selected scenes, analysing his many wonderful characters before writing speeches and descriptive tales.


Come and See

Come and See lessons offer the opportunity to search, to explore, to discover and to respond.  This term we will be covering the following topics:

Pentecost - Serving - Focuses on the on-going mission of Jesus Christ in the church through the power of the Holy Spirit.  

Reconciliation - Inter-relating - Focuses on the love, compassion and forgiveness of God the Father revealed in Jesus and poured out by the Spirit to bring forgiveness and reconciliation through the Sacrament.

Universal Church – World - Focuses on the same love revealed in the diversity of the world and its people and in the gifts of the Spirit that bear fruit in love, joy, justice and peace for all people.


At this stage in year 6, an essential part of homework is reading which we expect to continue for at least ten minutes every day.




Healthitude Programme:

16th June -  Healthy Eating & Energy Drinks

23rd June -  Cyberbullying – Cheshire Police

30th June -  Alcohol Awareness

18th July -  Mental Health

21st July -  Tobacco Education



  • Vocabulary Here is a website which is full of exciting vocabulary. Click on the different links to find adjectives, adverbs, alternative words for said and many more! There is also a link called 'word classes' this will help you to revise what verbs, nouns, adjectives and adverbs are.

  • Maths A range of questions for you to test yourself.

  • Maths Telling the time and times tables games.

  • Sentence games. Here are some sentence games to help you to work on those complex sentences!


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