Year 1 2019 - 2020

Mrs Davies

Mrs Davies

Mrs McHale

Week beginning 30th March


Good morning Gorgeous Year 1 - how is everyone? I have LOVED your messages and picture on Twitter!

This week we have some fun learning to finish off our Senses topic and a few activities for Holy Week before Easter.


This week we are meeting up with a beautiful little girl called Alma. She is blind and needs someone to help her learn what a rainbow is.

Watch her on this inspirational video

Can you help Alma learn the colours of the rainbow by thinking of the colour and thinking what it feels like and tastes like and smells like? Write and draw your ideas in your book.

This page from a lovely book called the 'Black Book of Colours' will help you.

Brown feels like crunchy leaves under your feet. It tastes like chocolate but sometimes it stinks!

You can also enjoy your own senses by listening to the birdsongs and learning to identify them - which one sounds like a 'squeaky toy'?


This week we are comparing how long, tall and heavy things are.

We need to use these words - shorter, longer,longest, taller, tallest, heavier, heaviest. Try putting a few objects in size order and using the words to write about them.

A fun thing to make is your own scales using a hanger. Use objects to find out how tall you are  ..... maybe your teddy? How many teddies are taller than you? (use the same teddy each time though)

Come and See

Learn the story of Palm Sunday -how Jesus came into Jerusalem riding on a donkey. Make a praise picture or banner and learn this song

Have a very blessed healthy and safe week.

Love to everyone

Mrs D heart





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